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Enfamil And Similac Lawsuits May Wind Up In Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) | 2/1/2022

MDL is a way to save time and money, but moreover, promotes a settlement before thousands of cases go to trial...READ MORE

Support Growing In The Medical Community To Ban Cow's Milk Infant Formula | 1/24/2022

There is no need for Enfamil or Similac except as an emergency feeding measure if a hospital has developed a breastmilk bank...READ MORE

Premature Babies Need Breastmilk To Avoid NEC And Fight Infection | 1/20/2022

Breast milk contains natural nutrients, antibodies, and the mother's immune system that helps premature babies fight infection and disease...READ MORE

Lawsuits Detail Gruesome Surgeries That Premie's Face After Being Fed Enfamil and Similac Infant Formula | 1/18/2022

The legal system is the vehicle to hold manufacturers of infant formula accountable for the suffering they cause to children...READ MORE

Mothers Of Premie Babies Should Pump And Store Breast Milk, Avoiding The Need For Artificial Infant Formula | 1/13/2022

Infant formula is a complex mixture of oils, chemicals, and preservatives that promote babies getting fat and may be detrimental to their health...READ MORE

Another Premie Infant Dies From Baby Formula Flesh-Eating Disease (NEC) | 1/7/2022

Manufacturers of infant formula are fraudulently promoting their infant formula as just as safe as mother's milk for the nutritional needs of premature babies...READ MORE

Similac Falsely Claims To Be Structurally Identical To A Mother's Breast Milk | 1/3/2022

A mother's breastmilk is known to be perfectly developed at the time of birth to nurture a baby born prematurely...READ MORE

Mead Johnson Denies Enfamil Causes Necrotising Enterocolitis | 12/28/2021

Thousands of unsuspecting parents are permitting their doctors to feed their premature baby a potentially deadly infant formula...READ MORE

Diarrhea Could Signal A Serious Digestive System Problem For Prematurely Born Infants | 12/21/2021

Premature babies and others that have been given Enfamil and Similac infant formula could develope NEC, a serious health threat...READ MORE

The Nutritional Requirements Of Babies Born Prematurely Can Not Be Synthetically Engineered | 12/15/2021

An NIH study from 2017 states that chemically engineered infant formula may lead to infants developing NEC...READ MORE

Premature Babies Should Be Fed Mothers Milk To Avoid NEC From Feeding Them Infant Formula | 12/13/2021

A fat baby is not necessarily a healthy baby and mother's milk offers the premature baby its best chance to survive and thrive...READ MORE

Abbot Labs and Meade Inc. Are Obligated To Know About The Dangers Of Feeding Premature Babies Their Formula And To Inform Parents And Physicians | 12/9/2021

Premature babies need nutrition their delicate system can tolerate not just fattening up from synthetic baby formula...READ MORE

Low Body Fat Is A Problem That Most Prematurely-Born Babies Suffer From | 12/7/2021

Premature babies suffer from low stores of body fat and doctors try to fatten them up on synthetic cow's milk baby formula...READ MORE

Feeding Babies Mother's Breastmilk Rather Than Infant Formula Could Save The Lives of About 900 American Children Per Year | 12/6/2021

It is hard to believe that a physician that took the time to become familiar with the science could recommend feeding premature babies Enfamil of Similac....READ MORE

Abbot Labs May Have Misrepresented The Nutritional Value Of Similac Baby Formula As Being Like Breast Milk | 11/30/2021

A class-action lawsuit filed recently states that baby formula nutrition comes up short...READ MORE

Breastmilk Is Safer Than Infant Formula To Feed Premature Babies | 11/23/2021

A premature baby's underdeveloped immune and digestive systems may reject complex babies formulas containing artificial chemicals...READ MORE

Children That Are Born Prematurely Struggle To Thrive On Synthetic Baby Formula | 11/16/2021

Lawsuits are being considered by the parents of children born prematurely and force-fed Enfamil and Similac baby formula...READ MORE

Parents Of Children With NEC Should Consult An NEC Lawyer For Legal Advise | 11/16/2021

An NEC lawyer can help parents hold the makers of Enfamil and Similac baby formulas accountable for their child's pain and suffering...READ MORE

The Parents Of Premature Babies Should Watch For The Symptoms Of Toxic Infant Formula | 11/16/2021

The parents of premature infants need to spread the word about toxic infant formula lawsuits because hospitals and doctors keep their mouths shut...READ MORE

Lawyers for NEC Formula Lawsuits

We will represent all persons involved in a NEC lawsuit on a contingency basis, meaning there are never any legal fees unless we win compensation in your case. Anyone whose child suffered from or died as a result of NEC from formula is eligible to receive a free, no-obligation case review from our attorneys. Simply contact our firm through the online contact form or the chat feature and one of our NEC formula lawyers will contact you promptly to discuss your case.

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